Studio Théoulas


Located roughly 20 Km north of Guingamp, the Château de Brélidy estate is lost in the middle of the countryside, by a forest. The castle itself dates from the 16th Century and can house up to 15 people in its 8 double rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. Additionally, two flats can be rented instead should the band want more privacy and its own kitchen. Regardless of the solution, accommodation can either be B&B or full board.

The estate is 40 hectares and is ideal for walks in between working sessions or for a run early in the morning. Many hiking paths go between our two rivers, the Jaudy and the Théoulas (Teh-oo-lass, pretend you’re from Leeds for that last bit) after which the studio is named. You can also visit the ruins of the 12th Century castle, complete with moat behind the current Château.

Thanks to our organic farm “le Champ du Dragon” (the dragon’s field), we are sustained in all our produce needs with fresh seasonal vegetables that we use in our kitchen for all our meals. We can accommodate any dietary requirements whatever.

Studio Théoulas is part of the Kerlotec ecosystem of companies. We centre our activities on sustainability, the ecological transition and low-technologies.