Studio Théoulas


The Chapel at the Château de Brélidy offers unique acoustics. The combination of lime laden walls, it’s curved wooden ceiling, 7,5 above the floor, gives a clear and warm sound whilst not being too reverberant; making this 40m2 room perfect for both acoustic and amplified music. Ensembles up to 15 musicians can be recorded without issue and if the project deems it necessary, baffles can be used to isolate all the different sources.

Studio Théoulas is built on a principle of non-separation between musician and engineer. The control “room” placed in a mezzanine above the recording area allows for direct communication and ease of mic placement throughout the entirety of the space. Additionally, if the session is geared towards arrangement or composition, this arrangement creates a more immediate process and facilitates synergy between everybody.

Throughout his long career both live and in the studio, in London and elsewhere worldwide, Nathan Fustec was lucky enough to work with artists and producers such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Flamingods, The Comet is Coming, Keziah Jones, Alec Dankworth, Flood or FKA Twigs and will gladly work on your projects, be they as simple as a direct recording or as complex as the production of an entire record.

Below are a few different examples of productions from the studio and previous projects headed by Nathan Fustec :